In Canada, A Pigeon Wearing A Backpack Has Been Arrested After It Was Caught Attempting To A Package Of Crystal Meth Into A Prison In British Columbia

A pigeon carrying a little backpack laden with cocaine was reportedly caught last week at a BC correctional facility, according to a prison union spokesperson.

The bird was captured at Pacific Institution in Abbotsford, 80 kilometers east of Vancouver, according to John Randle, head of the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers’ Pacific area.

He said crystal methamphetamine was hidden inside a cloth bag that was fastened to the pigeon.

Officers reportedly informed Randle that they put up a trap to capture the grey bird after it was seen with an odd load in a facility yard on December 29.

An inquiry into the “recent interception of contraband” at the jail was verified by Davinder Aujla, an assistant warden at Pacific Institution.

It was the first time in Randle’s 13 years as a correctional officer that he had heard of a live bird being used, despite the fact that prison guards had been on the watch for drones carrying narcotics and other contraband in recent years.

“Given all the technological developments and the sheer quantity of drones we’ve seen, my immediate response was disbelief. It’s unusual that it’s attached to a pigeon, Randle said.

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