Memphis Woman Accused Of Calling In Sick

Police said that while customers were in the shop, a Family Dollar employee who had been penalized for taking too many sick days made a gun threat to her manager.

Following the altercation on December 27 at the Family Dollar in the 3400 block of Summer Avenue, Dyneisha Holliday was charged with aggravated assault and three charges of reckless endangerment.

The shop manager claimed that Holliday texted her that day to let her know she wouldn’t be going to work because she was ill. The manager said that after she informed Holliday that she was being fired for making too many sick calls, Holliday arrived at the workplace armed with a revolver.

According to the shop manager, Holliday took the revolver from her right pocket, aimed it at her, and waved it about. Three other staff and customers were present at the register, according to the police.

Before another employee led the victim out of the store, the victim said that Holliday had thrown a stapler at her and placed the revolver back in her pocket.

Before departing, Holliday allegedly threatened to “shoot up” her car, according to her.

According to the police, Holliday was apprehended on Thursday and confessed to carrying a revolver with her when she entered the Family Dollar.

According to investigators, Holliday admitted to having the weapon because she wanted to be ready for anything and had taken it out of her pocket to tighten her holster.

The $10,000 bond amount for Holliday.

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