Ron Jeremy Declared Unfit To Stand Trial For Rape Due To Severe Dementia

Because of his clinical memory loss, prosecutors say Ron Jeremy is incompetent to stand trial for dozens of charges of sexual assault, including rape.

The former porn actress is said to have severe dementia, according to the LA Times. a conclusion made following conversations with medical professionals consulted by the prosecution and defense, respectively. According to the article, there is also no evidence that he is lying.

Since his condition has been verified, According to the Times, who quotes an L.A. County Deputy D.A., Jeremy will be ruled incompetent as early as January 17; this will effectively halt the legal process against him and result in his being admitted to a state-run facility.

The D.A. is reportedly leaving the possibility of further prosecution open if RJ makes progress, but as of right now, there’s little indication that will happen anytime soon.

In 2021, Jeremy was charged with 30 counts in an indictment that comprised accusations from 21 separate women who said he had forced himself on them in various ways over the course of decades. The age range of the claimed victims was 15 to 51. To all of it, he entered a not guilty plea.

The accusations against Jeremy signal what some have called a long overdue reckoning in the adult film industry, where it was all too easy to blur the lines and err on the side of criminal activity.

The claimed victims are understandably angry about this most recent ruling, calling it a case of justice evaded.

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