Father Buys His 13-Year-Old Son 40 Acres Of Land In San Diego County For His Birthday

A local father recently gave his son valuable birthday gift: 40 acres of land in San Diego.

Faheem Muhammed gave his son the land for his 13th birthday, and posted about it on social media. The video went viral; even legendary rapper Diddy even posted about it.

When CBS 8’s Anna Laurel drove out to meet Muhammad and his family in Boulevard, there were boulders, trees, and the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

But when Muhammed looks at his 198 acres, he sees potential.

“We see clear space, where we can uninterruptedly enjoy nature, especially growing up in a congested city like L.A. when we are out here it’s totally different,” Muhammed said.

Muhammed bought the land in 2021 to get away. He lives in Los Angeles and runs a real estate business that buys and rebuilds properties in the South Side of Chicago.

He says to create a better living situation for the Black community in Chicago, his company, Oasis Investment Group, teaches people about home ownership.

“These are people who’ve had families on government assistance for years. And now they’re actually enrolled into courses about how to own their own homes,” Muhammed said.

Muhammed says his mom, Aminah Muhammad, taught he and his siblings how important it is to own their own property and to help their community.

When his son, Faheem, turned 13 on March 16, he gave him 40 acres of land.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach him a life lesson about the land,” Muhammed said.

They’re teaching other kids from Los Angeles these lessons too. Their mom has organized Rites of Passage camps for inner city kids for years. His brother and sister have been bringing kids to San Diego County from their community in LA and renting camp space, now they can bring them to their own property.

Source: cbs8

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