Cocaine May Have Been Found Inside The White House This Weekend, And It Appears To Have Been Discovered In An Area That President Biden Frequents

During normal patrols, the Secret Service claims to have found a white powdery substance in the West Wing on Sunday night. It’s unclear precisely where in the West Wing it was discovered, but an agency official will only state that investigators spotted it in a “work area.”

The SS representative further clarifies that it is untrue that the chemical was ever discovered in the executive house. Even though the Secret Service won’t say where the suspected cocaine was found, it seems that DC’s FEMS let the secret go when they reportedly told dispatchers that it was in the library.

BTW, POTUS was not present at the White House throughout the entire incident.

Tests are being conducted to determine what it may be after the discovery of the mysterious powder sparked an increase in security alert and a short evacuation of the area. According to preliminary testing, it appears to be a blow, according to persons familiar with the situation cited by WaPo.

Speaking of the previous dispatch recording, it appears that a firefighter on the scene was adamant that cocaine was the cause, informing the department’s hazardous materials squad that a test they ran revealed “cocaine hydrochloride.” No room for uncertainty.

An inquiry into how it entered the White House and, presumably, who brought it in is continuing despite officials’ claims that the drug did not represent a threat.

Biden returned to the White House on Tuesday after leaving on Friday. The White House deferred to the Secret Service in response to our request for information, they said.

Source: @tmz_tv – Photo: @gettyimages

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