Nelly Has Secured A $50 Million Deal With Harbourview Equity Partners For 50% Ownership Over His Entire Music Catalog

Nelly’s situation is heating up once more since he just sold the rights to half of the music he’s produced, including his biggest songs, and is going to become a helluva lot richer.

Nelly reportedly reached a $50 million agreement for 50% ownership of his entire repertoire, which consists of 8 albums and several #1 hits that contributed to the formation of pop culture in the 2000s, according to sources close to the rapper.

According to reports, Nelly is working on this project with a business named HarbourView Equity Partners, which is spending money to secure some of his most well-known songs, including “Ride Wit Me,” “Dilemma,” and of course, “Hot in Herre.” There is little doubt that they are receiving more than just that, yet those tunes are, by and large the ones Nelly’s perhaps best-known for.

He actually received Grammy awards for a few of these tracks, including “Dilemma” (Best Rap/Sung Performance) in 2003 and “Hot in Herre” (Best Male Rap Solo Performance) in the same year. He received a second Grammy for “Shake Ya Tailfeather.”

There is currently no information available on which parts of Nelly’s library, beyond the aforementioned hits, now belong to HarbourView, but given the variety of songs he has produced, you have to assume there are more gems in the vault that they will now be entitled to.

Source: @tmz_tv – Photo: @gettyimages

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