Kyrie Irving Apologizes Hours After Nets Suspend Him For “Failure To Disavow Anti-Semitism”

Kyrie Irving won’t be touching the court against the Washington Wizards tonight! And that’ll be in effect for the next four games after. On Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets suspended the player without pay after his continued efforts to reject Anti-Semitic beliefs, per ESPN. 

Hours later, he took accountability and apologized on his Instagram.

“To all Jewish families and Communities that are hurt and affected from my post, I am deeply sorry to have caused you pain, and I apologize. I initially reacted out of emotion to being unjustly labeled Anti-Semitic, instead of focusing on the healing process of my Jewish Brothers and Sisters that were hurt from the hateful remarks made in the documentary,” Kyrie wrote.

The backlash began last week after he shared a link to the 2018 film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which civil rights groups have dubbed anti-semitic, per CNN. 

He opened his statement by addressing the link he shared and how he plans to move forward.

“While doing research on YHWH, I posted a Documentary that contained some false anti-Semitic statements, narratives, and language that were untrue and offensive to the Jewish Race/Religion, and I take full accountability and responsibly for my actions,” Kyrie wrote. “I am grateful to have a big platform to share knowledge and I want to move forward by having an open dialogue to learn more and grow from this.”

The Nets deemed Kyrie “currently unfit to be associated” with their organization following a tense media session early Thursday. During the session, Kyrie took responsibility for posting the link he says had “questionable” and “untrue” things.

A reporter asked Kyrie if saying he “meant no harm” was his version of apologizing. Before the media session, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he was disappointed Kyrie “has not offered an unqualified apology” and denounced the film’s “vile and harmful content.”But as a result of the media session, Kyrie will sit out the next five games. And the team says the suspension will last until Irving “satisfies a series of objective remedial measures that address the harmful impact of his conduct.

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