“I AM LEGEND 2”, Starring Michael B. Jordan And Will Smith, WIll Be Based On The Alternate Ending

Source: @complex – 📸: @gettyimages

In an interview with Deadline, director Akiva Goldsman disclosed that information, claiming that the sequel will adopt the “alternate ending” as opposed to the “released ending,” meaning Will Smith’s character will be brought back to life. Years will pass after the first film when the sequel is released.

This will begin a few decades after the first, according to Goldsman. “That will be particularly striking in New York. The options are unlimited, but I have no idea if they’ll scale the Empire State Building.

The sequel, according to Goldsman, stays more faithful to Richard Matheson’s 1954 novella. We go back to the first Matheson novel and the other conclusion rather than the one that was made public for the first movie, he continued. “Matheson was implying that the era of man as the planet’s dominating species was coming to an end. The opportunity to investigate it is very exciting. A bit more faithfulness to the original text will be present.

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