24-Year-Old Woman Was Able To Fight Off An Attacker Who Chased Her Around A Gym At An Apartment Complex In Tampa

Authorities in Tampa say a 24-year-old woman was able to repel an assailant who pursued her around a gym at an apartment complex last month.

As soon as he came close to me, Nashali Alma recalled. I shoved him. ‘Bro, what the f are you doing?’ I yelled.

The event happened on January 22 inside a gym at the Inwood Park Apartment Complex, and it was captured on a surveillance camera, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Alma informed the authorities that she was working out alone when Xavier Thomas-Jones showed up at the gym. She said that because she had previously seen him there, she felt confident allowing him access to the building.

The guy can be seen approaching Alma and clutching at her waist in CCTV footage that was made public on Wednesday.

Source đź“ą: @8news – via: @nashalialmaaa

Alma remarked, “The next thing you know, I get up from working out, grab my phone, and he just walks up to me without saying a word.”

Alma yelled at him to go and made an attempt to walk out of the gym, but he began pursuing her around the building and was eventually able to catch her and pin her to the ground. After successfully fending off her assailant, Alma managed to flee the gym and dial 911.

Alma said, “I truly felt no fear while it was occurring. In my opinion, he was about on par with me because I am a bodybuilder and am rather muscular.

The individual allegedly ran away, but authorities managed to find him and apprehend him 24 hours later. According to investigators, he is accused of sexual assault, false detention, and kidnapping.

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